In a society where change and separation is at the forefront, here is the video that shows what we should be doing in light of it all. #RiseUp


It can be difficult to explain the experience that minorities suffer in this day and age. This chilling video depicts it best.

Good Vibes

Life has always been about experiences. Check out the visuals from the island of Barbados and all of its vibes.

Doing The Most

We all know people and have situations where people do the most. Check out how we captured it.


Sharing the pain and pleasure of Chicago in this home grown video.

Comes & Goes

Everything in life is temporary and in this video TheSirDuke share his thoughts.

Shaky Faith

Watch the video that depicts the view on honesty and faith as we see it.

I’m Goin In

There’s no other way to do it. Go in or Go home!

A Moment

Check out the intimate moment with The Sir Duke about life, music and Chicago.

Lets Move

Here is a solid track from The Sir Duke that shows a different side of the Windy City.

All Improv Jam

Sometimes you just vibe with the grooves. In this showcase, The Sir Duke shows the value and fun in improvision.

Freedom Freestyle

Its all about the freedom and this quick live performance shows it.