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When it comes to reinventing yourself and creating something that is valuable from nothing, it takes a ton of time and effort to commit to. This is especially true for those that have established themselves to their fans as being a certain way or having a certain approach to how they execute in the genre of choice. Often times, there are people who challenge the status quo for themselves and others who remain in their lane to continue to foster the hope that they see fit to have. In this snippet, we will discuss the top three reasons why it is important to shake things up from time to time musically.

1. Your Experiences Change Your View

Everyone has varying experiences that they go through within this life that can and will alter how they see the world. Imagine yourself becoming a freshman in high school and observing all of the things around you. You become aware of friends, cliques, trends and fashion that appeal to you or shape what you dislike among other things. Additionally, you aren’t to worried about bills or responsibility as you gravitate to others who share similarities in musical taste and more. As you start to progress through the years, you notice your taste in music, food and clothing seem to drift and become a thing of the past. As you go through more things in your life, your paradigm shifts and what you previously consumed yourself with is no longer of interest. Your experiences shape your view.

2. Challenge Yourself Beyond Comfort

As writers, producers and musicians – we all have a level of comfort that we adhere to and find peace within. Think back to the first song that you’ve written and shared with those who you cared about and felt thrilled opening up to. That moment was serial and comfortable and gave you more joy and hope than you’ve realized. As you develop your own unique style and learn to use it throughout different projects, you start to depend on a type of approach and execution. Your songs and writing style starts to sound dated and very stagnant. Just as water changes and adapts to its surroundings in order to move fluidly in the direction of choice; we must commit to the same philosophy as artists to avoid the demise of our creativity.

3. Progress With The Times

The one thing that we know to be true about life in all aspects is that, change is the only constant. Media and music has changed drastically to accommodate the growing technology that the world produces yearly. Gone are the days of tape recorders, vinyl and distributing musical masterpieces through the simple use of compact discs. Although these changes ultimately shifted the music industry as a whole, it affected the way that listeners were consuming music. This is the same way you must look at your music career and life entirely. One needs to progress and grow in all ways in order to keep up with life’s rapid pace. Change is good if you can embrace it and move with it which can expose your work to new listeners who would otherwise not have entertained your tunes.

In conclusion, there is something to be said about those artists who are willing to go through the extra measures to reinvent themselves and their styles. Opening ones perspective to new sounds, styles and being inspired by others can benefit all parties in the form of advancing writings styles, project collaborations and new concepts. Being able to develop with the times instead of being overlooked will help you avoid being considered dated. As I say often, progress with the times or be a conquest of it.

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