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Whats going on royal family! As you may know, I’ve been laying super low from social media and networking at the various music events that most would see me frequent. There are a few reasons for this but I will keep things brief. In an effort to get things moving along with some of the projects I’ve had in mind, I’ve been simply recording. At ton of music at that!

Its been a wild ride of emotions, creativity, inspiration and more with the thought of just releasing things as they come. Previously, I’ve relied on many to contribute to these projects as a whole which has resulted in tons of delays, missed opportunities and just an overall bad vibe from it all.  Nonetheless, it has to happen.

In addition, with new music comes new branding and everything. The new website will be much more streamlined and accessible to those who expect that same great quality from the brand. There is soo much more in the works that we are just beginning. Sending a huge thank you to all who have supported and all who have been a part of the growth.

Connect with me and keep the good vibes.

The Sir Yessir!

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