The latest video from the Ill State representative that shares everything about Chicago.

A StoryTeller from Chicago

From the Southside to the West side of the Chicago area, The Sir Duke has been a pivotal part in communicating the reality of life. Being deeply rooted in the music and hip hop scene, he has developed a sound like no other and has never been afraid to vocalize it. Immerse yourself in his music and learn why is the Ambassador of the Windy City.


TheSirDuke-FridayFav-TheRoots Friday Favs
February 16, 2018

Friday Favs | It Ain’t Fair

Rarely is there a group in Hip Hop that has been able to expand their music beyond generations and still make the biggest impacts. These Philly natives have become a…

TheSirDuke-FridayFav-GDep Friday Favs
February 9, 2018

Friday Favs | Special Delivery

Every artist has a contribution to make to the world by releasing their body of work and/or being a part of something greater. G-Dep was a pivotal force to the…

TheSirDuke-FridayFav-SeanPrice Friday Favs
January 19, 2018

Friday Favs | Soul Perfect

Some artists have similar sounds as others in the music industry while only a few move to a different drum. Bringing the gritty vocals and street wisdom to every beat,…

312theChi - Single - TheSirDuke




March 30
Schubas Tavern
Chicago, IL
April 10
Trilogy Nightclub
Philadelphia, PA